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We get it – you want to stay active without leg pain and feel comfortable in your shorts. That’s why we utilize state-of-the-art technologies and employ the latest techniques, like Varithena® or VenaSeal™. As a one-of-a-kind, comprehensive vein care center in Prosper, TX, board-certified surgeons specializing in vein care Drs. Bradley Hart, Daniel Rizzo, and Aaron Roberts aim to help their neighbors take care of conditions such as spider veins, varicose veins, leg pain, restless legs, and more.

Our surgeons can provide quick appointments with reduced recovery periods and stunning results. It is our deepest pleasure to help you get back to enjoying the life you love. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact our team today.

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our amazing team.

We can provide the latest and greatest services, but none of it matters if we don’t have an incredible team working with our patients. When you come to Vitality Vein Care, you can rest assured that our team contains wildly experienced individuals, but more than that, we care about you. We want to help you improve your quality of life, and we want you to get the results you’re looking for and understand the conditions we are treating. When you come to Vitality Vein Care, you’re family.

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"From my first appointment with them I have had great experiences the whole time. Luckily I was referred to them by my dermatologist and I am so glad I found Dr. Roberts and his team. Nicole did my ultrasound on day one and found that I had some vein blockages and blood clots which was causing me pain in my lower legs, my feet, legs and ankles. My ankles would swell every day after 3pm and I am a busy wife and mom with two little children. Being in pain every day was awful. I was misdiagnosed over 2 yrs ago by another very prominent vein doctor in Dallas, who obviously just wanted my money and to treat superficial spider veins cosmetically, that weren’t going away. This was a much bigger issue than cosmetics, I found out. I was getting zero results and still having leg issues and pain, that’s when I stopped going to the other dr. And that is when luckily my dermatologist referred me to Vitality. Thank goodness she did. I had a correct diagnosis with an ultrasound right off the bat with Vitality and I just finished having my second leg treated today. So far so good, the procedure was slightly nerve racking, but didn’t hurt and Dr. Roberts was fast, gentle, precise and amazing. Nicole was awesome too, super helpful and great, made me feel like I was part of the family. As well as everyone on their staff from front desk to insurance and the MA Triny who held my hand both days-she’s so sweet. They have all put me at ease during my 2 procedures and made me feel safe and much better. I am glad it’s over with b/c it’s slightly uncomfortable, but that’s part of having a procedure done. Once I am fully healed I am confident my legs will be back to normal, no more swelling and discomfort and no more scary blood clots. Vein disease is a very serious and scary problem and you don’t have to be over 60 to have it. I am fairly young and have had swelling in my legs and issues since my first pregnancy 6 yrs ago. I am grateful to Dr. Roberts and his entire team at Vitality for getting me back on my way to being healthy from the inside out. It’s so important we take good care of ourselves, we only get one body. Thank you all!! Appreciate you making me feel better again! Highly recommend them!"



"My thanks go out to Dr Hart and staff, who were absolutely courteous and kind to me! I would recommend this office to you!"



"Great staff and great providers… gentle and caring during what could have been an unpleasant/painful procedure… they made it smooth and easy - I highly recommend Vitality!"



"All the doctors, nurses, x-ray pro's, front desk, etc.etc. We're great, friendly "TEXAS STYLE" very professional and courteous. The doctors knowledge was superior regarding my vein condition. They are the first doc's who truly knew what was wrong with my legs and my feet. Thank God I found them. Amen."






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