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What is Sclerotherapy?

Diseased veins can be caused by a variety of reasons, including hormone shifts, genetics, obesity, blood clots, certain medications, and more. Usually red, purple, or blue in appearance, affected veins often show brightly through the skin and can be hard to cover up. Our experienced providers offer sclerotherapy as a solution to diseased veins. This minimally invasive procedure requires very little, if any, downtime and can help you have the confidence to show off those legs once again. In some patients, this treatment can also be used to treat more severe cases of varicose veins. Sclerotherapy can be received for both cosmetic and medical reasons. If your concerns are mainly for treating medium-sized veins that have a pesky and distracting appearance, insurance may not apply for your cosmetic sclerotherapy. However, for ulrasounded-guided sclerotherapy used to treat larger and diseased veins, your insurance provider will likely cover this treatment. For more information, contact Vitality Vein Care in Prosper, TX.



What Are The Benefits Of Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive medical procedure used to treat varicose veins and spider veins. This popular and effective treatment at Vitality Vein Care offers several benefits for individuals seeking to improve the appearance and health of their legs. Some of these benefits include:

  • Enhancing the appearance of the legs
  • Eliminating unsightly spider veins
  • Reducing small to medium varicose veins
  • Reducing pain and discomfort
  • Expanding wardrobe options
  • No incisions or surgery
  • No anesthesia necessary
  • Little to no recovery time
  • Treatments are quick
  • Results are fast

Am I A Candidate For Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy treatments are best for women and men who are bothered by small to medium-sized blood vessels that can be seen through their skin. Usually, these diseased veins are most visible on the thighs and lower legs, so patients may avoid wearing swimsuits, shorts, or any other clothes that do not cover their spider veins. Patients need to be in good general health before their treatment to minimize the chance of complications. Patients should not be pregnant or have a history of blood clots.

What Can I Expect from My Sclerotherapy Treatment?

Sclerotherapy is performed as a quick, in-office procedure without the need for anesthesia. First, the targeted blood vessels are marked and the skin is cleansed. A sclerosing solution is then injected into the vein using a fine-gauge needle, which causes the vein to shrink and eventually disappear. The process is repeated until all the affected veins are treated. After the procedure, patients are usually advised to wear compression stockings to aid in blood flow and enhance the healing process. In some cases, it could take two or more sessions to get your desired results. Follow-up treatments will be scheduled as needed.

Sclerotherapy FAQ

How much does sclerotherapy usually cost?
The number of veins treated, vein size, and other factors typically determine how much your treatment regimen will cost. In addition, insurance may contribute to sclerotherapy if your veins are large and diseased. During your consultation, one of our experienced physicians will examine your veins and talk to you about your goals before creating a personalized treatment plan for you. When your plan is decided, we can estimate the cost of your sclerotherapy treatment and talk to you about payment options.

How is sclerotherapy different from laser vein treatments?
While laser vein treatments use focused light energy to treat unsightly veins, sclerotherapy employs a specialized solution to shrink the vein, causing it to disappear. For medium to large spider and varicose veins, sclerotherapy is often a better choice, whereas laser vein treatments are typically more effective for smaller veins and veins in the facial area.

Is sclerotherapy effective for the hands and face?
Yes, it is. Varicose and spider veins, blemishes, and broken blood vessels on the hands and face can all be treated with sclerotherapy. During your consultation, we will examine your veins to determine if sclerotherapy is the right option to safely treat your veins and help you reach your aesthetic goals. If sclerotherapy isn't an option for your particular situation, we can often offer other options to help reduce unsightly veins.

How long do you have to wear compression stockings after sclerotherapy?
At Vitality Vein Care, we typically advise our patients to wear compression socks to help aid healing and improve blood circulation. During your consultation, we will take into account your treatment, health, and other factors to determine how long you'll need to wear your compression stockings. Most patients will typically wear their compression socks for at least two weeks after their sclerotherapy procedure.

How do I prepare for a sclerotherapy session?
To prepare for a sclerotherapy session, avoid applying lotions or creams on the treatment area on the day of the procedure. Refrain from taking aspirin or ibuprofen, which might increase bleeding. Wear comfortable clothing and consult your Vitality Vein Care provider for specific pre-treatment recommendations tailored to your situation.

What's the difference between spider veins and varicose veins?
Spider veins are smaller, red or blue veins visible just under the skin's surface. Varicose veins are more prominent, raised, and can sometimes be painful. While both can be treated with sclerotherapy, larger varicose veins might require different treatments.

Is sclerotherapy safe for everyone?
While sclerotherapy is a safe procedure for many, it might not suit everyone. People with certain medical conditions or those who are pregnant should consult their provider before considering the treatment.

Wear Shorts Confidently

If you have unisghtly veins on your legs or body, you may feel embarrassed to wear shorts, skirts, or other clothing. At Vitality Vein Care, our team of board-certified vein specialists offers sclerotherapy to get rid of medium-sized and large diseased veins. If not treated, diseased veins could continue to grow over time so we suggest seeking treatment as early as possible. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact Drs. Aaron Roberts and Bradley Hart in Prosper, TX today.

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