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Should I Walk More Frequently with Varicose Veins?

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Varicose veins are a common condition that occurs when the veins in the legs become weakened or damaged. This can not only affect the appearance of your legs, but the conditions can also cause discomfort and increase your risk of other health issues.

At Vitality Vein Care in Prosper, TX, our board-certified surgeons help patients in Frisco, Plano, McKinney, Celina, Gunter, Aubrey, Little Elm, and Pilot Point heal varicose veins with state-of-the-art laser vein removal.

Keep reading to find out whether walking more frequently can help with varicose veins.

How do varicose veins affect your legs?

Your veins are responsible for carrying blood back to the heart. But they can become enlarged and twisted when they get weakened or damaged. This causes blood to pool and flow backward, and the condition can spread throughout your legs if it's not treated.

Aside from any aesthetic concerns you might have about varicose veins, they can also cause:

  • Swelling in the legs and ankles
  • Aching or cramping in the legs
  • Itching or burning around the affected veins

Varicose veins can also be a sign of more serious venous insufficiency, so it's important to consult a doctor, even though it's a common condition.

Can walking help with varicose veins?

Walking is a free and low-impact exercise that can be beneficial in many ways. While it's a good habit to get into more generally, walking may also help to improve blood circulation in the legs. This helps reduce the amount of blood that pools in the veins. And because walking helps strengthen your leg muscles, it can help to improve venous function.

While walking can be helpful for people with varicose veins, it may not be enough to get rid of them. In some cases, medical treatments may be necessary to address the underlying venous insufficiency that causes varicose veins.

Laser vein removal for varicose veins

In addition to walking and other lifestyle changes, laser vein removal can be an effective treatment for varicose veins.

During the procedure, our team uses a state-of-the-art laser to target the veins, causing them to collapse and be reabsorbed by the body. This helps improve blood circulation in the legs and reduces the appearance of varicose veins.

Laser vein removal is a minimally invasive procedure and requires little to no downtime. While you may experience redness, bruising, and swelling, these symptoms usually disappear in 1 – 2 weeks, and the use of compression garments can help the healing process.

In addition to medical treatments, there are also lifestyle changes that can help manage varicose veins. Elevating your legs, wearing compression stockings, and maintaining a healthy weight can all be helpful. By taking a proactive approach to your health and seeking appropriate treatment, you can minimize the discomfort and other negative effects of varicose veins and improve your overall quality of life.

Get treatment for varicose veins in Prosper, TX

Walking can be a helpful way to manage varicose veins and improve overall leg health, but it may not be enough. If you're concerned about varicose veins or experiencing symptoms, the team of board-certified surgeons at Vitality Vein Care can help you understand your condition and find the best way to treat it.

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